Employee Experience Enhancement Tool

The e3 tool is designed to guide you through research-based strategies for maintaining an optimal workspace. This tool combines ergonomic and psychological approaches to holistically address the unique challenges facing workers today, such as working from home. After completing your self-assessment you will receive a personalized guide on how to improve and enhance your experience as an employee.

Duration: 20 Minutes
Content: 1 Module
Difficulty: Basic
Price: $26.95

Our experience as employees is an intersection of psychological, social, physical, and career developmental factors. Balancing all of these at once isn’t easy, yet it’s essential for our success, comfort, and wellbeing. In just 20-minutes the e3 tool assesses these factors to create your personalized report. Based on the latest research in psychology and ergonomics, this report will guide you through improving and enhancing this crucial part of your life, covering topics such as:

  • Physical work environment
  • Workplace organization
  • Social dynamics
  • Psychological factors
  • Energy levels
  • Professional growth and development.