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Practical Ergonomic Tips

Remote Work and Laptop Ergonomics

Ergonomic risks are often higher in remote and home offices. Protect yourself with these easy tips!

General Ergonomic Set Up for the Office Employee

Setting up your workstation and chair appropriately can be the most effective way of minimizing ergonomic risks whether you’re working at home or in the office.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is a term used to describe a wide range of visual symptoms experienced by operators of visual display terminals.

Driving Posture & Set-up

Prolonged uninterrupted driving has been identified as a risk factor for musculoskeletal injury for several body regions, including the low back, neck, shoulder and lower limbs.

Job Rotation

Job rotation is often used as a way of preventing injuries and boredom, particularly in industrial settings.

Exiting Your Vehicle

Whether your occupation involves driving a large semi truck for delivery or transporting goods or you are a reals estate agent driving a car to show clients new homes, exiting your vehicle the wrong way can put you at risk for injury.

Gloves in the Workplace

Though gloves are often necessary to protect the hands, they can cause increased muscular effort as they place additional strain on the fingers, wrists, hands and arms.

Hand Tools

Feeling pain in the wrist, palm or fingers? If you use hand tools regularly throughout the day, they might be the cause.

Lifing Techniques

One wrong lift can have lifelong consequences. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Setting up to Work Mobile

Many of us have to work outside the office sometimes. It’s easy and convenient to just bring your laptop, but this alone isn’t enough to keep your posture proper and your body healthy.


New research shows that avoiding prolonged bouts of sedentary behavior may be EVEN MORE important to maintaining health & wellness. At work, we often spend several continuous hours

Pregnancy and the Office Worker

Reduce the risk of injury during pregnancy while working in the office.

Shovel Safety

Most people think that there isn’t much to using a shovel. However, even the most “seasoned” worker might not know the proper techniques to preventing back injury when digging.

Signs and Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Injury

Musculoskeletal injury is a term typically used to describe an injury to muscles, nerves, joints, tendons, ligaments, bursa, spinal discs, etc.

Sit-to-Stand Workstations

A sit-to-stand workstation is a work surface that has height adjustability, allowing an individual to use full sitting and standing postures.

Stability Balls in the Office

Low back pain is one of the most prevalent workplace injuries.

Ergonomics for Telework - The Home Office Employee

Proper ergonomic set up for the home office is just as important as in a regular office, if not more important.

Ergonomics for Telework - Hoteling

Hoteling is a work practice used by companies which allows more than one person to share a workstation to maximize office real-estate.

Ergonomics for Telework - The Home Office

Telework, or telecommuting, is a work arrangement where technology is used in place of commuter or business travel.

Warm-up Stretching

Warm-up stretching can prepare you for work and provide relief from discomfort.

Work Relief Exercises

Work relief exercise, as the name suggests, provide relief from discomfort and can prevent injuries from developing.

Work Warm-up

Our guide to getting ready for the day.

Workstation Setup Summary

Set up your workstation properly, feel better, and get more done.

Ordinateur portable, télétravail et ergonomie

The French version of our Remote Work and Laptop Ergonomics Ergo Insight.

Ergonomía para el trabajo a distancia

Spanish translation of our Remote Work and Laptop Ergonomics Ergo Insight.

Ergonomia no Trabalho Remoto

Portuguese translation of our Remote Work and Laptop Ergonomics Ergo Insight.

Lista de configuración del lugar del trabajo

The Spanish version of our workstation setup checklist.