Our process

We strive to continuously improve and refine our services and product offerings to surpass expectations and lead the way in ergonomics.


Innovative and evidence-based solutions

We know that for any solution to work it must be well received by management and embraced by staff. Our approach to ergonomics is innovative and evidence-based, yet practical and made for the real world, taking into consideration budgets, timelines, and a multitude of workplace variables.

Step 1

EWI Works assists your leadership team in developing a solid understanding of your workplace and the ergonomic risks and opportunities within it.

Step 2

With your team we develop agreed-upon goals and objectives to move your ergonomics initiative forward. The plan guides the identification of ergonomic issues to ensure successful resolution of concerns.

Step 3

Implementation strategies are developed and implemented to meet the unique needs of your organization. Strategies may include: education, training or workplace modification.

Step 4

To ensure implemented strategies are effective, EWI Works conducts regular follow ups to see that goals and objectives are met. Follow-ups highlight where strategies may need to be modified to meet its intended targeted outcome.