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“We hear a lot about people having upper back discomfort, lots with neck issues, and then a lot of reporting lately around severe eye strain,” said Dr. Linda Miller, a clinical assistant professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.
Global News, March 2021.

Health experts say the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our bodies is a real problem — and it’s not just because gyms are closed and workouts are sparse.
CityNews, March 2021.

Feeling sore after working from home? The cause might be that makeshift desk.
CityNews, April 2020.

Laptop shouldn’t be in your lap for long, look for ‘stable surfaces’ instead of the sofa.
CBC Edmonton, April 2020.

Working from home may be causing aches and pains for some people and they aren’t just job-related.
Calgary Herald; Edmonton Journal, April 2020.

Sudden shift to home office can be a pain in the neck when therapists aren’t available.
CBC Calgary, April 2020.

A local ergonomics expert shares tips on how to work from home.
CTV Edmonton, April 2020.

Comment bien préparer son poste de travail et se préparer mentalement à quelques semaines de télétravail?
Radio-Canada, March 2020.

Standing in the office may be just as bad for your health as sitting, says Edmonton-based ergonomics expert Linda Miller.
CBC, February 2018.