Office Ergonomic Assessments

Individual Assessment

Designed for the individual that is experiencing discomfort that affects their ability to perform their daily work activities. This assessment includes a report and access to our online stretches for the office course. A follow-up with the employee to ensure suggestions have been effective is usually recommended for an additional fee.

Group Assessments and Audits

Group assessments and audits help to ensure your entire team is performing its best. The group assessment includes individual reports as well as group findings, recommendations, and strategies for staging and prioritizing short and long term ergonomic solutions.

Workplace Design Guidelines

Working with your organization, EWI can help develop a set of design guidelines for your facility planners and managers for the selection of furniture and equipment. Based on the CSA Ergonomic Standard, design guidelines will be customized to reflect the nature of your business (e.g. general office environment, call centre, reception) and the processes in place for procuring new equipment.

Office Equipment Recommendations and Checklists

Equipment recommendations and checklists will provide you support in choosing and purchasing new equipment for your office. Given the vast range of ergonomic products presently on the market, these checklists will help to narrow down your choices to those which will work best in your office to improve comfort and safety.

Remote Ergonomic Assessment

Our remote ergonomic assessments are conducted with a series of pre-defined photos, an online questionnaire, and video conferencing, simplified with our new remote assessment app. The remote assessment eliminates barriers associated with travel costs to get to remote communities. Learn More…