EWI Works COVID-19 Policy and Response

covid-19 coronavirus
As the situation around the COVID-19 virus progresses, our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our clients, staff, and community members. To balance this with the services we provide to our clients, we are implementing the following measures effective immediately:
  • Any existing bookings for ergonomic assessments may, upon request, be switched to remote ergonomic assessments. We are currently still conducting onsite work for clients wishing to receive those services. All EWI Works employees are required to wash hands upon arrival to any site and will be bringing gloves.
  • EWI Works will not be conducting any onsite work (assessments, meetings, etc.) before 9 a.m. to give our staff and clients the opportunity to communicate before any in-person interaction. This creates a time window in the morning for everyone to check in and ensure they aren’t sick or that their office isn’t closing.
    • EWI Works staff will only proceed with onsite work if the answer to all of the following questions is ‘No’ for the client and the staff member:
      • Is anyone on site presently sick or showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, colds, or the flu?
      • Has anyone who was recently working onsite been diagnosed with COVID-19?
      • Is anyone present who is taking care of someone at home who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is exhibiting symptoms?
  • EWI Works staff may choose not to enter a site, or to leave a site at any time, if they are feeling uncomfortable.
    • This may also happen if the previous questions were answered to the staff member’s satisfaction.
  • EWI Works will not charge any no-show fees for work that is cancelled due to illness, office closures, company policy, or personal reasons.
  • EWI Works staff will not work if they are sick or show any symptoms related to common colds, flus, or COVID-19.
  • EWI Works is indefinitely closing its office to visitors, clients, and all other guests.
We appreciate your understanding and assistance in implementing these new measures. We remain committed to providing the services our clients depend on to whatever degree possible during this extraordinary situation. Please stay in touch with us if we can provide you with any support during this time, especially if you are temporarily moving to a new work environment. At this transitional moment, we encourage everyone to explore and make use of our free workstation setup checklist, break reminderstretching guideoffice ergonomics appremote work guidelines, and other resources. Dr. Miller also compiled a series of recommendations on remote work ergonomics. Again, we are continuing to monitor developments and wish you all to remain safe and in good health. Thank you. – The EWI Works Team