EWI Works’ Ergonomic Toolbox Minutes now available!

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season. Now that many of you are back at work, it’s time to start thinking about effective ways to deliver health and safety messages to your employees. In an effort to assist our clients in this process, EWI Works has developed Toolbox Minutes for both the office and industrial environment to hand out to your staff.

While ergonomic training sessions, audits and assessments may be an important aspect of your organization’s health and safety initiatives, it’s important to continue to deliver these messages to your staff through various means of communication. Our monthly Toolbox Minutes – available at no charge to our valued clients – are an excellent means of reinforcing what an employee has learned from a visit from an ergonomist or during a safety meeting. These one page reminders provide clear and concise information supported by colorful graphics to support the safety message.

Suggestions for use might be handouts at the actual safety meeting or a lunch and learn session; available for pick up in the lunch room display; as an insert in the corporate newsletter; or posted on the corporate intranet.

EWI’s current clients will receive their first sample of our Toolbox Minutes by email soon with the option to subscribe to receive others monthly. If you would like to subscribe to our Toolbox Minutes, please email us at info@ewiworks.com. Remember, this is a free service that we provide to help you with your safety initiatives for 2010.

To view other ergonomic reminder products of EWI Works, please see our product page at www.ewiworks.com!