Get Your Exercise in Hawaii… On a Virtual Run!

Map of the route for The Road to Hana in the Yes.Fit app

Virtual Runs: Get your exercise anywhere with Yes.Fit.

I don’t know about you, but I need a little extra motivation these days to get moving. Me and my couch, we spend way too much time together.

So, I was flipping through Facebook about three weeks ago when I came across an ad for a virtual race; “The Road to Hana” from Yes.Fit!

I love anything Hawaii, so was I intrigued! I thought, if it gets me moving more its worth it, so I paid my money and signed up. My husband doesn’t understand me paying to walk, but everyday I get an inspiring email updating me on my progress and giving me a Google Maps snapshot of ‘where I am’ on my virtual walk. I look forward to checking my progress and getting to the next update each day. Sometimes if I have been really active I’ll even get more than one update.

The regular reminders that “I Got This” on email communications and on the website sure help too.On a virtual race with Yes.Fit.

I am also finding the online Facebook community inspiring and encouraging. There are hundreds of people participating in various races. Some walk, some run, and, those like me who need to get moving, count daily activity as well as the walks we take. I am especially inspired by the many people with mobility and health challenges who are being motivated to get moving in whatever way that works for them. The regular reminders that “I Got This” on email communications and on the website sure help too.

I’ve now, as of 1:10 today, completed two races; ‘The Road to Hana’ and the ‘Mermaid in Denmark’. I’m now waiting with anticipation for my ‘Green Envelope Day’ – the day my t-shirt arrives in the mail from each of my races. Now I just need to decide which race to complete next!

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