Movement for Life

In this course we’ll cover:

– The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines
– The Risks of Sedentary Behaviour
– Different Types of Movement
– Building Movement into your Day
– Accounting for Unique Individual Needs

Duration: 20 Minutes
Content: 1 Module
Difficulty: Basic
Price: $35.95

It’s essential to build movement and postural changes into our daily lives, something that has become increasingly challenging as technology does more and more work for us. Compared to 1970, the average person in industrialized countries expends 60-70% less energy. But, how much movement do we need? And, how do we incorporate this into our modern lifestyles? In “Movement For Life” you’ll learn everything you need to know to build healthy levels of activity into your day.

Keep in mind that we’re sedentary when we’re sleeping, driving, eating, watching TV, standing, using a computer, sitting at a desk, and in meetings. How many hours of your day are covered by these activities?