Luke Statt


Business Development Specialist

What year did you join EWI Works?

How many years of experiencing do you have in your field?
4 years

What are your academic and professional credentials?
Bachelor of Commerce from the UofA, Major in Strategic Management and Organization and Minor in Marketing, with a certificate in community service learning.

Where were you born?
North side of Edmonton!

What was one of your favourite work projects?
My own startup PALcares has been hands down my favorite undertaking I’ve made so far. PALcares is an online interface that connects communities to social supports to bridge the gap between the availability of services and accessibility of services. PALcares serves two primary purposes: Connecting community members to relevant social supports and collecting and mobilizing data in the public and non-profit sectors.

What do you do in your spare time?
Most of my free time is spent working on PALcares or with my family. I do enjoy the occasional trip to mountains for a hike as well.

About Luke:
A University of Alberta Business graduate with a Strategic Management and Organization specialization, Luke complemented his degree with a certificate in Community Service Learning. He has various paid and voluntary career experiences in the non-profit and public sectors, including three placements with different ministries of the Government of Alberta and 3+ years working with local and national non-profits. In addition to these paid roles, Luke has served as a treasurer on a journalism society board, director on a charitable endowment fund board, President on a society’s board, and a council member for two years at a student’s union where he chaired multiple committees. In addition to these roles above, Luke has also begun developing an understanding of the non-profit and for-profit start-up world.