Product Review: Lifefrom 6780 Eclipse High Back Chair with Core-Flex technology

I have been using the Lifeform 6780 Eclipse High back chair for approximately three months and I’d like to share my user experience. The key feature I’d like to emphasize is the Core-Flex technology seat pan that I had retrofitted to the chair. This feature entails a split in Lifefrom’s traditional contoured seat pan that, “adds a small range of natural motion to stimulate core muscles, improves comfort and increases circulation.” Lifeform’s motive behind the design is to promote movement while sitting. Core-Flex technology claims certain benefits such as: preventing cramping in legs, promotion of circulation, increases in metabolic rate, and increased pelvic tilting and core muscular engagement. However, these claims require stringent testing with biometric equipment to verify the benefits.

In this blog, I would like to highlight some aspects of the chair.

Versatility: This chairs does have a large range of adjustability. One can have the chair retrofitted specifically to their body stature. Any specific item on the chair from casters to armrests are interchangeable and can be altered if desired.

Features: I chose to retrofit my chair with a high density (high back) backrest with Schukra lumbar support, extension armrests (higher range of movement), contour seat pan, synchro-tilt (backrest and seat pan are independently adjustable), adjustable headrest and gas lift and casters according to my body stature. Schukra lumbar has available depth adjustability along with vertical adjustability in the backrest. I find the High density foam very comfortable and there is no noticeable pressure points in the chair. Extension armrests give me more range of adjustability, which promotes neutral shoulder postures. There are many upholstery (covering material) options available. There are many other features available such as additional memory foam, heated lumbar kit, etc. that really depend on the buyer’s choice.

Core-Flex Technology: I have nothing but good reviews for this feature of the chair. The split in the seat pan only allows for 2-3” of alternating movement at the legs that I find sufficient for adequate movement during sitting. I do actively notice more pelvic movement and it may help to promote better circulation in my legs compared to sitting in standard chairs. Although I consciously notice that I can sit for longer periods of time, I would still highly suggest standing up from the chair at least once every hour for additional movement.

Overall, I have had a very positive experience using this chair and technology. However, it is advised that one should trial the chair and have it retrofitted to their stature so a good seated posture is achieved. If you have any questions, feel free to contact EWI Works, or me directly at

NOTE: It is of paramount importance when buying a chair that its dimensions will fit you properly and provide adequate support for your body in neutral postures. Function should always win over form, but in my opinion, this chair achieves both.