Stretching for Neck Discomfort

Neck discomfort is a common ailment of computer users. It is not uncommon for me to hear reports of neck pain, and/or pain across the shoulders when working with clients employed in an office-based job.
Well, what can be done about this?
1. If the discomfort is related to a traumatic event, like a car accident or a fall, or a serious health problem (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis) seek medical care from a healthcare provider. In this situation it is important that you take the direction of your healthcare provider when considering any stretching or exercise prescription.
2. Regardless of the cause of discomfort, it is important that you are working with proper ergonomics, so consider booking an ergonomic assessment to ensure that your workstation is set-up correctly.
3. Lastly, if dealing with benign discomfort (discomfort not associated with trauma or a serious health problem) gentle stretching may be helpful. The following stretch is particularly useful for tightness and discomfort across the shoulders and in the neck. Perform the stretch as described below:

  • Bring your ear to your shoulder, then tuck your chin in; do not turn your head
  • Hold the stretch for a slow count of 10
  • Repeat 3 times on each side
  • Repeat stretching routine once an hour

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